Consolidated transportation can significantly reduce the cost of cargo delivery.

We deliver groupage cargo from Europe, China, USA by road, sea and air transport.

We track the cargo at every stage of transportation and guarantee its safety. In our consolidation warehouses, we offer additional services for marking, packaging, weighing and storage of cargo.
We also work with goods that, during transportation, require compliance with a certain temperature regime and special storage conditions.

We organize the transportation of groupage cargoes by sea both directly with agents of shipping lines, and through our own representatives in Southeast Asia, the USA, South America and Europe, which gives us a wide list of contractors and allows us to choose the most suitable date of loading and route.

Air transportation is one of the fastest ways to deliver goods. We deliver consignments of goods from 1 kg from any airport in the world to the address of the final recipient.

Air transportation in many cases is the only possible, convenient and efficient way of transportation for many industries, especially medical goods, perishable goods, high-value goods. The rather high cost of air transportation in comparison with other delivery methods is offset by the minimal risk of damage or loss of goods in transit.
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