Certification of imported goods is a procedure of technical regulation, the documents of which are included in the list of documents required for verification during customs clearance. The type and specificity of the document (certificate of conformity or declaration of conformity) depends on the imported goods. Information about the procedure is provided in the regulations of the Customs Union, lists of goods subject to assessment of compliance with standards, however, for the competent preparation of documentation, the help of professional specialists will be required.

  • All questions of technical regulation.
  • Identification of your goods. Determination of the need to issue a permit document for the goods. Determining the type of required document (certificate of conformity, declaration of conformity).
  • Assistance in the selection and interaction with certification bodies and testing laboratories.
  • Assistance and advice on the import of samples for certification testing.
  • Checking compliance documents. Identification of the threat of recognition of documents on compliance as invalid.
  • Checking the scope of accreditation of certification bodies, testing laboratories. Services for the selection of accredited persons.
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