• Transport services
  • Transportation of goods of various hazard classes
  • Transportation of oversized cargo
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Shipping
  • Rail transportation
  • Trucking
  • Air transportation
Vesna strives to free its customers from all the worries associated with freight transport. We deliver goods from anywhere in the world, by all means of transport:
  • Road transport
  • Air transportation
  • Shipping
  • Rail transportation
Our key competencies are:
  • Consolidated cargo
  • Project cargo
  • Dangerous goods
As part of the organization of cargo delivery, including turnkey delivery, we carry out:
  • advice on international cargo transportation;
  • selection of the most optimal and least expensive method of delivery and route of cargo transportation;
  • assistance in choosing acceptable terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2020;
  • calculation of the cost and terms of cargo delivery;
  • registration and control of transport and transit documentation, commercial documentation;
  • forwarding in the ports of departure, transshipment (transshipment) and intra-port forwarding in St. Petersburg.
More than 80% of cargo turnover in international traffic is carried out by sea. The popularity of this method of transportation is due to the low cost and the almost complete absence of restrictions on the weight and dimensions of the cargo. This is a universal way of transporting goods between countries.

Advantages of transportation by sea:
  • This method of transportation is considered the least expensive when delivering goods over long distances;
  • The ability to deliver almost any type of cargo due to the large carrying capacity of ships.
Shipping by air is undeniably the fastest shipping method. Vesna provides the following services:
  • International and domestic Russian air transportation;
  • Chartering of aircraft of any type;
  • Terminal and warehouse cargo handling at airports;
  • Transportation of oversized and dangerous goods;
  • Quick organization of a flight to any airport in the world.
Our company has agency agreements with a number of air carriers.
Road freight transportation is one of the most popular types of cargo transportation in the world.
A well-developed partner network allows you to deliver goods from any country in Europe within 5 days (depending on the type of cargo).
Vesna provides a full range of services, including:
  • Road transport "from door to door";
  • Transportation of groupage cargoes;
  • International and domestic road transport;
  • Transportation of oversized and dangerous goods;
  • Road transportation in various customs regimes;
  • Container transport by road.
Attracting different modes of transport allows you to maximize the benefits of each of them, which will save time and money for the customer.
International multimodal transportation of goods by various modes of transport occupy a leading position in the cargo transportation market, especially when it comes to transportation over medium and long distances. Multimodal cargo transportation (combined, mixed) is carried out by two or more modes of transport: sea, air, rail and road.

  • Project logistics are activities aimed at organizing the delivery of cargo that does not fit into the standard framework, according to an individually developed project. Complex transportation of oversized and heavy cargo is much more complicated than regular delivery on regular routes.

Vesna will take care of all stages of the project

Development of an optimal logistics project. Including determining the type of rolling stock, developing a scheme for placing and securing cargo.

Development of technological schemes for the delivery of oversized and / or heavy cargo. Conducting a technical survey of the delivery route.

Direct delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world by sea, air, road and rail transport to the installation site

Customs clearance

Monitoring and control during project implementation

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